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Adaptivity, Inc. is presenting

Product Owner School

A multimodule development program for product managers and product owners with practicing skills in the context of your current work.

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Multimodule Live Online Education

Product Owner School is expanding the Certified Scrum Product Owner® course into a multimodule hands-on training.


The program includes intensive practical work on your organization's real product challenges under our trainers' supervision.


The training concept is “usefulness for customers and business from the very first hours” because the practical tasks of the modules are inextricably linked to the daily duties of product managers and product owners.

Skills for Managing Digital Product Development

This program covers all the fundamental skills and cutting-edge approaches in the work of product managers in developing digital products necessary for their successful work, from ideas to releases, including performing the role of Product Owner.


The course program has been verified by hundreds of specialists and dozens of organizations trained by us and is constantly updated.

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Essential Skills Covered by this Program

The course is based on the model of Alexey Krivitsky and focuses on the six areas of digital product management:

1. Intro to Agile Product Management basic principles and duties.

2. Continuous Stakeholder Alignment, including impact mapping and product metrics.

3. Leading Product Discovery, including value proposition design and “custdev”.

4. Product Visioning, practicing presentation, and storytelling.

5. Driving Product Roadmapping, we practice user story mapping.

6. Guiding Product Development for iterative and incremental work with requirements.

Four Modules and Certification

The school is structured as four 5-hour modules plus practical self-paced work.

By the end of the program, participants receive a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification badge by Scrum Alliance.

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Download a PDF Brochure

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